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My trusted Canon G10 has just stopped working- its the classic lens gear failure, so beyond economic repair- can't complain as it's done me around 10 years service.

My delema now is picking a replacement- obviously I do a lot of aerial PPG stuff, so it needs to be good quality, high resolution- but reliable and compact. I also use the camera for ground-based stuff, so want as many features as possible.

So far i've shortlisted the Canon Eos 700D, Canon G7X and the Sony RX100 M2 (or 3).

I'm reluctant to change from Canon, as I know them inside out, but heard a lot of good stuff on the Sony.

The GX7 is a strong contender against the RX100, but a little more expensive.

The Eos 700D is a different animal- not a compact, but a DSLR. While it's probably the most versatile, it will also be the most bulky- with 18-55mm STM lens set. In saying that it's probably the most robust, all-rounder...

Anyone any experiences on this? Are DSLRs too bulky for PPG?, can they be operated by one hand?

What ever i go for, I'll need to move soon on it.....


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