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Forgive me,

but I have very little idea whatsoever about how this forum works.

I have no idea where to look or at what time, to see if the day is flyable.

Be reassured Darren :) You are in exactly the right cyber-place to see Simon's post for the day's flying.

The Berkshire branch forum is where Simon posts with titles like "Flying Today" - it will appear at the top of the list of topics.

The flying site in use may be different on different days but it will be notified in the post. Once you get to Lambourn give him a bell and he will talk you in!

Best wishes on the training, you will be great!

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You are in the correct place :D

Fear not.

You can call me on my mobile 07983 428 453 any time you like.

There are two ways to find out if its flyable, one this forum :D (the Berkshire Branch) where you have posted this message. And if you have a day off and want to do some flying you can call me any day before 10:00 in the morning for a weather report. :D

07983 428 453

My Address is

Park Farm Lodge

Upper Lambourn



RG17 8RD

If you go to www.streetmap.co.uk and type in that postcode you will see a map with my house highlighted.

I hope this helps :D


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Dazman, check out this which is in the Meterology section of the forum. It should give you a starting position on how to forecast the weather yourself with a step by step guide, you pick it up as you go along so don't worry if there is a load of jargon, stick with it and as you train you will become one with the elements.



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