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Beach takeoff

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Hi all,

Thinking of doing beach take off this summer from just south of shell island near Barmouth and hopefully flying over Snowdon range.

Is there anything i need to be aware of other than the obvious such as Raf Valley?

Also do all forum pilots keep to the 500ft rule when flying the coast, and any thoughts on using your gear on the beach?



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Can I just add one further question and that is, do you need permission from your local council to take off from the beach? I have just recently been told by my local council that I am not allowed to take off/land on any council owned "public" land.



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500ft rule 100% yes!

In the very early days a Paramotoring, there was a shocking news article all over the global news in fact. There was a picture of a woman who was sunbathing on a beach who had her breasts cut to shreds by a stupid pilot. :-( it was not a good thing to see I can assure you.

Still talking 500ft rule.... If there are no people, boats, cars, buildings, or structures on the beach GO FOR IT!!!

Regarding permission: Technically you are required to have the land owners permission prior to taking off.

Sorry if its not what you wanted to read.

1 Option: take off from somewhere else and fly there. :-) :-)


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my carbon prop did not like its sand blasting from 2hrs of beach footdragging but the fun was worth it.

morgy- have you ever tried tape on the leading edge to protect the prop? i tried it but it didnt last long.


I dont seem to have any issue with blasting my prop.. I loosen of my leg straps allot and come right out of the seat..

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I think I've flown on that beach, I seem to remember running out of fuel and having to walk back to my car! I checked notams but was a bit worried about raf fast jets in the area so I stayed pretty low and out the way. If you are thinking on a trip to the mountains maybe check raf activity, I think there is an ops number you can call to let them know your route.. But not sure on that, can anyone else advise on that? Goes without saying that mountains come with weather, wind and rotor, I've not been brave enough to take my motor into the mountains but would love to do on a calm wind day, let us know how you get on if you venture out there!

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I used my local beach to learn to fly the wing, only problem I had was that the salt caused the aluminium buckles to corrode on my risers. Had to get new ones fitted by the Loft. Guess my advice would be to wash off any aluminium with clean water at the end of the day before storing away. I would also advise about thinking to fit an extra air filter to breather on fuel tank to eliminate sand particles getting in.

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