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Simple ways to get NOTAM information.


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To extend on a recent post about a UK wide military exercise viewtopic.php?f=16&t=10722, a few have asked how to check notams or 'decode' them.

There are a number of ways to obtain this data. It varies from a long coded list directly from NATS to a nice graphical representation on a chart.

Below are both a paid and non paid software NATS Approved for accuracy. They opt for the nice simple (and there for, safe) option of displaying the information on a map / chart. :-) :-) It's fair to say that once set up, they are an idiot proof solution and highly recommended

RunwayHD (Paid or free version app for iphone / ipad) NATS Approved. http://www.airboxaero.co.uk/runwayhd/4581846996

SkyDemon light (free app, multi platform) NATS Approved. http://www.skydemonlight.com/

You should ONLY use NATS approved data feeds (notaminfo) for example is not! and has in the past had many errors including late and out of date data streams. We used the same data feed for our Notams page (which is why we turned it off) It sometimes displayed notams AFTER the event which is not ideal.

Download one of the proper ones, stay safe and have a cool app! :-)

Anyone who downloads RunwayHD and would like help setting it up should come and see me at the fly-in :-)


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