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not ready to die so ill try and fly

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:acro: hi to all found this site after reading so much about flying etc...many many to many years ago watched hang gliders in yorkshire while in army training catterick...anyway now im retired and single not ready to join the people sitting around waiting to die lol...searched like hell for years for a out of the ordinary hobbies...seen thing on tv about man ( 65 ) no legs handgliding to north pole...thought wtf im sure I can fly a few times...around somewhere... so started reading and Google ing..more confusion found a local school hull aero club...wandered down met microlight instructor rob ...chatted booked a trial flight plus 2 more

Landed was great even though I looked a bit greenish ( no pain no gain lol ) more confused min hours 25 @ £100 a pop and exams etc etc thought to myself ok total cost approx £3500 then what buy a microlight with all its ongoing fees etc :fail: then saw about para motoring ... mmmmm do a safe course with a good school ask about ( forums )with help ...buy right kit lifes my own...travel fly hopfully ...just a intro about myself and my thoughts cheers all keep u posted...bill

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Hi Bill, and welcome to the Paramotor Club.

You know that you can learn to Paramotor at Hull Aeroclub also yes?

Good luck with it! It's awesome amounts of fun :-) :-)


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