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Things I would like to see built into my paramotor


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Let's hear everyone's thoughts and wants. I was replying on Facebook and remembered ideas I was once chasing.

For ease of walking up the field an adapted golf caddy works really well. The weight is balanced, the wheels are big and it becomes effortless to walk a half mile up a track. Can I have that built into my frame please. (Keep it light though)

The air impact vests you get for horse riders and motorbikes. It inflates to high pressure to protect your vitals incase of an accident. Can I have that built into my harness.

Full carbon fibre back support plate to protect my spine, built into the frame or harness. Could even be produced now as a strap on add on.

I would like my whole paramotor to fold and open as easy as an umbrella.

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I had thought about the built-in golf caddy thing (as the pilot of a 35kg Bailey might).

I had envisaged a pair of tubular legs with light plastic wheels. The legs would be pivoted so they can swing back out of the way, rotating about an axis across the bottom of the frame, so that in the 'retracted' position the legs are horizontal, stabilising the paramotor when left on the ground. Retraction would be by a pull-cord with a toggle to lock into either position.

Note the wheels would not be for launching or landing, where they would probably result in a face plant.

Another useful addition would be a 5V regulated USB socket (assuming the motor has a generator) located somewhere convenient and accessible when clipped in. GPS drains my phone battery in an hour or so and it seems silly to carry an extra battery when there is already a generator behind me.

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On 06/04/2016 at 17:55, custom-vince said:

This is more like what I used. In heat shrink wrap. The one above is more made up ready.


I can’t get this link to work Vince...?

This is the one I tried recently, but bizarrely the volt meter read 8.xx when it should of been 16.xx. It would of been perfect otherwise! 


I may try the first one you posted though. This is on an electric start so I have a 4S Lipo on board. 


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The back plate to protect the spine is one I wish Air Conception included. I asked Eric about it once and he didn't really seem to think it was necessary. At least that's how I perceived it. I'm glad Scout has one, but I'm not really interested in a Scout. Hopefully Laurent will get on it. I'm willing to take on the extra weight for the added protection. Even though it probably adds less than a pound of weight.

Otherwise, a solid, easy to use, cruise control would be nice. 

And how about the Temp/RPM/Hours gauge included as a standard piece of equipment on all motors from the factory. That would be nice so pilots don't have to worry about adding it themselves.

And how about a built in strobe light system for the half hour before/after sun rise and set. Another safety item that should come standard on all paramotors. That way, again, pilots don't have to worry about adding it themselves.

A quick release harness would be nice too, though preferably one that doesn't -allegedly- rip your nuts off every time you take off and land.


If Air Conception added all this stuff to all their motors from the factory.... I'd be one happy pilot.

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