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  1. Icaro Solar X Helmet – Built-In Sena Bluetooth Communication – Carbon Black – Large Description Unfortunately, the reason for selling goes hand in hand with the Parajet Maverick that I also have for sale. I have come to the realisation that I don’t get to fly as much as I would have liked, I have decided to make the move and sell my kit to someone who will. Most of the description for this listing is covered within the condition section. For all other items I’m selling, see below: • Parajet Maverick – Moster 185 Plus • Dudek Universal 1.1 Paramotor Wing – 28m – Earth Colour • Dudek Windsock and High-Performance Pole - 10m • Gin Glider Flight Deck – 10L • SkyBean Chase Cam – For GoPro Hero 5/6/7 • Ponsa Safety Harness (used for ground handling) • Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme – PMR Radios – Dual Pack Condition The helmet was purchased from new at the beginning of 2019 for integration with the Sena 10S Bluetooth Communication kit. Also purchased was the 3M Peltor X Series Ear Muff’s which the Sena 10S was integrated into. The helmet itself is in brilliant condition, well looked after and stored within its helmet bag, since purchase I have only managed to accumulate 21hrs of flight time. The integration of the Sena 10S kit into the 3M earmuffs has worked brilliantly, I pair it with my phone and either choose to talk through the cellular network (if in range) or through the Sena Bluetooth intercom which works up to 1.6km and supports up to 4 people. I’m providing the original Sena box with all the accessories in case you would like to do your own modification etc. in the future. The helmet also has attached a universal GoPro mount fixed to the front (see pictures) using 3M’s VHB adhesive. Photos https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Sfu1a-Ys_1pQ4VVo579D5DpPJ4ZTGrOA?usp=sharing Listing Includes • Icaro Solar X Helmet – Carbon Black – Large, including: • Integrated Sena 10S Communication • 3M Peltor X Series Ear Muff’s • Universal GoPro Mount (fixed to front • Original Sena 10S Box and Accessories • Icaro Helmet Bag Delivery or Collection Delivery – 48hr Courier (please ask for price) Collection - Bordon, Hampshire Price £280 Please feel free to ask any questions! (Contact me via the Forum Private Messaging) Technical Specification For technical information, please check out the Sena website, https://www.sena.com/product/10s and the Icaro website, https://www.icaro2000.com/products/helmets/Solar/Solar.htm
  2. Sena TuffTalk. Approx 12 months old. Excellent condition. Powered by 3 AAA's or rechargeable batteries (2 included). Connection by Radio lead and/or Bluetooth, Built in FM Radio. Bluetooth to Bluetooth Sena comms. Good, compact, do it all unit. See https://www.sena.com/product/tufftalk Sale includes - Headset Hi and Lo gain antennas Two rechargeable batteries Battery charger Spare mic muff cover thingy Original box and instructions 2-way Radio Cable for Midland Twin-pin Connector for Tufftalk (Part Number: TUFFTALK-A0115) 2-way Radio Cable for Kenwood/Baofang Twin-pin Connector (Part Number: TUFFTALK-A0110) £210 delivered in UK, £210 plus P&P outside UK. Or collection from Swindon, Wilts. Cheers Darrel
  3. I guess this should be a caption competition Just thought I would put my thoughts about the Sena 10r here because we couldn't find this type of information out and thought it was good to maintain this. Why Bluetooth vs Radio: After all the reading, we decided that Bluetooth headsets gave us Voice Activated rather than Push to Talk (PTT). Personally I am on the fence with this because I have flown with PTT while learning with @admin (Simon W) and I found having to PTT was a pain. However the 2M (I'm assuming it was, @admin (Simon W) can correct me) was clearer. Why Sena vs cheaper models: We went back and forth with this. And I think it came down to two things. First, the cheapers models we found *possibly* only allowed two pilots. Now to be honest with you, there was some doubt whether some units could do more but without buying them, we couldn't be sure. Where as the Senas could do 4+. Second, the Sena RideConnect app. This app allows more people to connect and uses your phones 3/4G therefore mitigating the Bluetooth range issue. Why Sena 10r vs Sena 10S or others: Again this was a balance between price and features. The 10r was smaller, streamline (thinner) and less weight. Personally this isn't a massive issue for me but one none the less. The 20s allowed more pilots, 8 I believe. This was the only thing that made us think we need this one because *some* of the time we do fly with more than 4. However the majority of the time it will be 4 or fewer. AND if the RideConnect app works, then we would have this with the 10r. So we went with the cheaper 10r Fitting to the helmet: Now to be honest, Lee Moss @MOSS fitted my one. And the fact I have a Cycle helmet with Peltors. So the battery is fitted to the back. The wires are sunk into the polystyrene and the ear piece is in the Peltors. It didn't take him long and please contact him for any questions. Setting up: The instructions were/are terrible. The booklet that came with it assumed you had the motorcycle handlebar controller. And looked very generic e.g. we figured out that some of the instructions were actually for the 20S. First you have to pair with the phone. This is where the instructions were wrong. Once you turn the unit on (hold centre and + button) you wait for the voice to say Hello. Then hold the centre button for more than 5 seconds until it says *Intercom* pairing. Then press the + button. She should say *Phone* pairing. Then on your phone the Sena should appear in your Bluetooth list. Once it's paired. Download the Sena app which will connect and update the device to the latest firmware. The app also provides the latest instructions however as I said before, they are wrong in some areas. As we try things out I will update this post. Now onto pairing with other Senas. One thing they don't tell you, or at least we couldn't find, is that the order in which you pair with other devices will store in the Sena as that number. E.g. I paired with Russell and he is friend number 1 on my Sena. Then with Barry, he's number 2 and so on. When using Bluetooth there does seem to be a master slave configuration. So I start by pressing the + and - button together to start group pairing. Then the others press the + button to join. There is a significant delay of sometimes a minute. Then all of a sudden we can hear and talk. The RideConnect app is more simple. I started it and it gives a 4 digit code. Which the others enter to join. We have also tried this while we are at home / driving and it works. I am informed that Russells daughter thought he looked great driving the car with his flying helmet on talking to me.... poor girl. The quality of sound in both cases were good. In the air: On this particular day, only two of us were able to fly and that's all we have managed to test while flying. We ran out of time to be honest. We flew using Bluetooth and it worked well. However once it got out of range and we lost connection. We restored this by flying close and I started again and it was fine. We didn't try the RideConnect app in flight. That's for next time. The quality of sound while flying was good. However at times when the engine was loud and the wind was fast past the MIC, we had to ask each other to repeat. I'm reading up on this and thinking theres some things we might be able to do with the MIC but thats not for this thread yet. Things for the next flight: More than 2 pilots; try Bluetooth and then RideConnect in flight to compare; Anything anyone wants us to if you leave a post here. Happy to try. Update 27th September 2017 - Three of us went flying with the Bluetooth enabled. We had already paired before so, following the instructions I turned on my Sena, held the + and - buttons together until I heard "Group Intercom". Then I told the other two guys to do the same and within a few seconds, we could all hear each other well. We all took off and we could all speak and hear each other. However, after a short while I lost connection to one of the Pilots who flew quite high. We are not sure what the distance was but we are not convinced it was over the advertised 900 metres. Furthermore into the flight I lost the remaining pilot and this time I was convinced we were within this range. We flew back to within I guess 500 metres, I pressed the + and - buttons and then I could hear the second pilot. We never regained the third pilots voice. So not a great report for using Bluetooth with three pilots. I think if we all flew close, it would be OK. Next to try is the RideConnect app which uses the phones 3/4G instead of Bluetooth. Cheers Danny
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