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  1. Just about to start paramotor training (but have flown other stuff before, in the map and compass era). Looking at low-cost or free navigation apps for android. As well as the popular PPGPS, I came across 'Enroute Flight Navigator'. It's free and open-source, provides the basics only, but does give some useful features for cross country:- The off-line moving map is uncluttered - just enough features to be useful The scale is shown in nm / km Restricted airspace is shown and maintained up to date from the usual public databases The wind speed and direction, cruising speed and fuel burn/hr can be set The estimated total distance, time taken and fuel consumption is calculated for a route Current TAFs and METARs are available on-line with a decode into english Tapping on an airfield displays distance from position, radio frequencies, runways and elevation - might be useful occasionally The uncertainty of vertical and horizontal position can be displayed - answering the question how good is my gps based altimeter today? Minor criticisms - The app doesn't do flight logs, doesn't use online maps, doesn't estimate in-flight wind speed for you, doesn't show vertical speed on the main screen - but does elsewhere.
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