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  1. Thanks for the homework. Will take it all in very seriously.
  2. Blackburn Mark. Look under my post for response to you. Thanks
  3. Thanks Blackburn Mark. Orono Maine is where I live. I would be flying out of Old Town airport. Thinking of taking at Morningside in New Hampshire. I understand the limitations on electric. John
  4. I live in Maine and seriously planing on learning paramotoring this year. I am looking to go electric for a couple of reasons but that is not my question. I have scouted out my area for a radius of 25 miles. Trees, trees trees. The only hills are landfills and they are off limits (no paragliding). So our local airport which holds the greatest open swath in our great forest is allowing paramotoring off a grass strip. So, my question is, it it worth getting into the sport if I am limited in geographical area? If I am the type of pilot who likes to get up in the sky, will this arrangement be enough? John
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