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  1. Hi @mx19 Thanks for the feedback, and for intervening. Things certainly appeared a lot quieter yesterday evening, probably a result of fewer pilots generally. I think I will need to speak with Barry myself about approaches, since I still seem to be directly under the flightpath, and at a point relatively close to Barry's field, where pilots are not at a great height either ascending (which is particularly noisy) or descending.
  2. I live off the Hog's Back, and have been plagued this weekend by paramoters - who seem to be using my house at Chalk Pit Cottages as a sighting point to take-off and land at "Barry's field" at Homestead Farm (https://www.facebook.com/HomesteadFarmSurrey/). All pilots - without exception - choose to fly over my house to/from Barry's field, despite my being surrounded by open farmland, which would be a far less disruptive route. Like others on this thread, I was woken at 6:30am Saturday, the noise continued throughout the day, and dinner outside yesterday evening was ruined by a succession of la
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