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  1. I'd be SHOCKED if 'most (British) pilots' haven't already found this solution, but some 'top' you-tubers are always complaining & obviously haven't. Maybe I should PM Tucker Gott & see what he says?
  2. I've been watching a LOT of PM vidz on youtube, and and struck by the number of times Vloggers have complained about running out of charge. My Observation - Haven't you guys heard of powerbanks? I have this one in my basket already - https://www.mobilefun.co.uk/veho-pebble-p1-10-400mah-portable-power-bank-black-67787 simples!
  3. Well, I NOW know (notification) that my 'Community Map' marker has already been assimilated into the collective mind that is ParaMotorClub.org - So this is now just a test of my newly learned ability to take a screenie on this new & fancy keyboard - for those of a curious bent, it's an "AnnePro2". So to complete the test, here's a pic of the community map, and my marker.
  4. Yes, I'm aware that I'm somewhat geographically isolated from 'the mainstream' of ParaMotoring. I know that it's never going to be 'just pop down the club for the evening. - Well, until I have my own field ofc. Then I can invite you lot to come & fly the north pennine moors & the Roman Wall! (I've already lined up my 'main field, just a matter of putting some ink to paper - it's the local Cricket club, where I was a member for 3 years.) I've got most of the training schools bookmarked by now, I think there's one near Glasgow. which is 'only' about 100 miles from here. Sti
  5. Thank you for your encouragement, positive vibes really DO make a difference to me. Yes, I'm looking forward to getting to know people as people, not just pictures & words.
  6. Yes, I'm aware of that option, my 'plan B' But I've set the personal target of getting 'fit enough to foot-launch', I can do it, so that's still 'Plan A', until/unless proven otherwise. Fair enuff?
  7. Just to clear it up, my 'handle' here, which is the same as my new Twitter alias, stands for "Grumpy Old Bastard With Incurable Kanker - Does It Look Like I Give a Fuck'. But my friends still just call me 'Lion' (With apologies to any 'family friendly filters' you're running)
  8. Hello everyone I'm Aslan, named after the great Lion from the 'Narnia Chronicles' by C.S.Lewis. More formally (& legally) I am Reverend Aslan Kendal Freeman ULC. (Look up 'kantheism' if you dare!) Most of what I'm about to post is lifted straight from an email I sent to 'several flying schools' listed on the BHPA website. I decided that this tactic was pointless, as after 2 weeks I've had precisely one reply - from a guy who doesn't teach ParaMotor, but does some powered hang-glider stuff occasionally. My bad, best wishes, So, a change in tactics. If my eventual first instruct
  9. It's early for me, 10.30 am on a Saturday morning, and I'm only just starting to 'get it together' after a 'Dutch' super-coffee & my handful of medz. 6 hrs sleep, for once, feels like a 12-hr lie-in right now. ... and my very 1st post here, I *had* planned to make that my intro thread (I'm NO fora rookie!) but that will have to wait until later in the weekend. (I'm a sports-junkie so weekends tend to be long & late - this weekend it's soccer, rugby(England v Waless), F1GP - #GoLewis , boxing, NCAA (college) american football & NFL from 6 pm Sunday to 4 am Monday morning.)
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