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  1. Hi I will receive a Hadron 3 this week for testing, I will let you know. Otherwise I am downsizing to a Driftair 20, so my Driftair 22 is on sale (15-20hrs, top condition). Anyone who is interested should get in touch with me... PS: I will post on Hadron 3 after test flights...
  2. Yes i currently have a demo wing size 20 from the importer on trial. The driftair is the best wing i have ever flown. Super agile but not something that gets you killed. Very easy to launch, you need to give it a hard punch on launch to rise up, but then it firmly stays over your head. Great energy retention on lading, easy to flare. Yesterday i ordered a DriftAir in size 22, my take off weight is 140kgs.
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