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  1. Good morning Stu Thank you for your message, and examples. When I asked him about the fact that he was contradicting his own T&Cs by stating that insurance is now not necessary, he replied: We are in crazy times and all of us are in the same boat as none of us have repatriation insurance. I personally feel the risk of having an accident which requires repatriation is very small, especially in a school environment. I’m happy for the course to proceed without people having repatriation insurance but it depends upon your attitude to risk. So if you choose to come
  2. Hi Sean I am no stranger on the throwing caution to the wind front.. that is why I was trying to be sensible(ish) for once. I have been thinking about paramotoring for years, so I think I will just go and get on with it and hopefully look back in two weeks and be very glad! Thanks to both you and Mark
  3. Hi Mark I have been oscillating all day! Yes, I think that you are right. I have been checking prospective policies and I am not sure that I would have gained so much from having an actual policy. The only thing that I really seem to be missing out on is the repatriation and the £10K for a missing limb.. Thanks very much for your input.
  4. Hi all I’m due to undergo Paramotor training in mainland Europe, however I’ve discovered that the insurance for paramotoring will not be valid at all due to FCO advice not to travel to this particular country, due to Covid. The instructor has said that he intends to carry on regardless, in the full knowledge that all participants are uninsured and would not be able to be repatriated home in the event of an accident, amongst other other considerations. He said that we have our EHIC cards, though this just covers basic hospital treatment. I’ve paid a lot of money and there has b
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