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  1. My god this is amazing and at the same time been so frustrating. thanks for all the help!
  2. Haha hopefully this will help? Also what’s this he’s wanting? Please specify also the drilling pattern -centre is 25 mm and the drilling pattern -6-m8-75, 6-m6-50 or 6-m6-70?
  3. I will get a digital caliper today and try again. I can not believe how difficult this has been. Sorry for all the problems.
  4. I still stand by the 2 1/8 x 5 1/8. I will be passing some help along this week for all your help. I really appreciate it
  5. Do these help? I still haven’t ordered a prop and really need to this week. Need help verifying which propeller to order from dtpropellers. There’s a pic up above from there website so that I can pick the right ratio. Any help would be appreciated. rhanks
  6. Again this is a very helpful post, so much information it’s making my brain hurt. I just want to order a prop from dtpropellers and this seems to be very difficult. Where do I look on my motor to verify the exact motor I have?
  7. This is the last prop I bought. Still trying to figure out which one to order.
  8. That’s a really good way of thinking about all this.
  9. The big gear is 5 1/8 inches or 130.175 mm by 2 1/8 inches or 53.975. If I divide those 2 like said above it comes to 2.41176. So I’m guessing I have a ratio of the 2.42? Is this making sense?
  10. Thanks for all the help, I will do some measure if and math today to double check some things. This is all very confusing, but I’m starting to get a grasp I believe. thanks again
  11. Is the 2.42 or 2.62 in cm, inches?
  12. This is what is on dt propeller. They seem inexpensive $140.00 US dollars shipped but I don’t know which one.
  13. DT propeller wants to know the reduction? I have no idea what this means and am having a terrible time finding what I need I’m about to just copy my broken one and make one myself.
  14. Can anyone explain that last post I posted?
  15. What does this all mean? simonini mini plus 2 130 cm pign 55 Can you substitute anything on here or do you have to get the exact same thing?
  16. Why in the world are propellers so much money? Where’s the cheapest place to buy one? Can’t believe someone doesn’t make them homemade.
  17. Also forgot to ask about cages? Can you buy almost any cage and make them work or do you need to get specific cage per motor?
  18. I’ve determined I think I have someone to help me with welding this back together, I’m going to keep using it till I can afford to get a new one. I’ve been practicing my forward launches, and they have all been really good. I can get the wing up really good and keep it above my head for 30-40 steps. I should of done some with the motor on because it’s way different with the motor on obviously. What happened is I got the wing up and it started going left and I hit the gas so it isolated back to the right and threw me to the ground. It was my fault. When I get this back together I
  19. Can you make any cage work or does it have to be specific to fly products?
  20. Just found out can’t fix my Paramotor, they don’t make the cage anymore. So I guess that’s it for me. It was fun the time I got to get in the air.
  21. I am new to the sport and have had training about a year and a half ago. I've wrecked on take off now 4 times which gets very expensive. I think my cage is repairable but after repairing it 3 times I'm curious if I should just change the cage out? I also dont like the harness as it is a High harness at least my arms are way up in the air. So I was curious if I could just keep the motor and attach it to a different cage with a new harness or are they proprietary? Its an old style cage and I'm also wondering if the new styles are a little more durable? My cage and motor are fly products. I
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