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  1. I believe there is a member called Jock who flies from Worcester with a number of others. Wait until he checks the site and he may well be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck.
  2. I'll have one of those please my 'andsome.
  3. hmmmm, maybe I'm ok as I am. At 65 going on 66 I'm no sportsman, but I was tempted by the Dudek V King and just how easy it was to get in the air. Long grass on my flying field has stopped me from flying for much of the summer and I had thought that maybe footlaunch would get me off the ground a little more often. Maybe I need to spend a day with Simon. Thanks for sharing your experience. Guy
  4. Hi Mark, Just how heavy does it feel? I currently fly a trike having failed to manage the weight 20 years ago when the paramotor had a solo 210 engine and J bars hang points just by my ears which I found made it very hard to get the canopy inflated on a forward launch. I remember standing up with the machine on my back and nearly fell over backwards because it was so heavy. I know some machines weigh as little as 20Kg but how does it feel to run with that on your back? I ask because I would like to consider giving it another go. Thanks, Guy
  5. If you're worried about being strong enough to handle the machine, consider using a trike.
  6. Sounds good for you Jock, well done......just need some weather now .
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