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  1. Hi Patrick, thanks for your response, I am very pleased I can still fly from my house. Fortunately, I am several miles from their site and have no particular interest in flying over there. I am a glider pilot and so I do appreciate the dangers of winch cables. I will also be careful of any hangliders I may encounter. My only obstacle now is corona virus. kind regards, Bruce
  2. Hi all, I have a paramotor course this summer. Obviously, when I return I will want to fly around the local area. However, the field I intended of launching from is within a hangliding/(paragliding?) area. On the foreflight app the area is shown as a 'caution' area. I don't recall ever seeing any hang-gliders ever in this area (and I live here). Their website is very old and outdated and doesn't even display properly on my modern browser https://suffolkhanggliding.webs.com/. Therefore, I don't think they fly anymore, or at least not very often. On skydemon, the area is just shown as a dis
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