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  1. Hi Danny I'll give you a call shortly and have a chat cheers Kona
  2. Cheers Nathan88 Whilst the couple of hours drive is never ideal the progress you made may make the journey a real possibly; sounds pretty ideal I'll take a proper look and see what's what Thanks for suggestion Cheers Kona
  3. Hi Grumble56 Thanks for taking the time to reply - appreciated I'll take a look at the suggestion and whist a bit of a hike may be an answer Cheers Kona
  4. Hi Looking to fulfil longstanding dream to paramotor Absolutely no previous experience in either ppg or paragliding and looking for training in the Merseyside area, training body not vital Is there anyone providing tuition around this area? I'm based near Ormskirk but able to travel readily Any views greatly appreciated Cheers Kona
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