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  1. Yes AndyB gx200 is arround 15/16 kg. However other ATV Engine is arround 20/25 kg
  2. Hello friends i am interested in making gx200 or 150cc ATV Engine for paramotor.. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated My whatsapp number is +92-333-4868797
  3. Hello shenzi.. Sorry for late questions i have urt gone through this post and wanna know did u completed your project
  4. Hi all friends i know i am too much delayed. Can anyone successfully made gx200 paramotor??? because I am also interested..
  5. Okay but now suppose if i use honda engine gx270 its rpm is already arround 3000 to 3500. You are right that for lowering rpm of prop we need to use bigger pully for propellers. But i do not modify my engine for higher rpm then can we attach propeller direct to engine shaft??? My whatsapp is +92-333-4868797
  6. Can someone guide what is reduction means for example 1:4 / 1:3... Can we not attach propellers directly with small pully comin from engine???
  7. Hello my all friends who are in paramotoring field please suggest me if i can use following engines for assembling a paramotor for myself.. These engines are widely used in ATV four wheeler bikes. Automatic transmission centrifugal clucth systems weight is arround 20kg.. Is this engine is enough or i need to make any modifications for RPM etc etc..
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