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  1. Thanks for that, sadly cancelled again today due to weather, hopefully I will get to try this at some point soon!
  2. Thanks that's one I had discovered but good to see I'm on the right track!
  3. Over at Airways near Ashbourne, one of the hazards of the hobby I guess!
  4. Well, my first weekend didn't go as planned, sadly had both days cancelled due to weather. Scheduled back in for next Saturday to have my first play with a kite, fingers crossed I get to have a go this time!
  5. Thanks very much, I'll continue reading, all booked in for a trial next weekend so will see how things go after that
  6. That was my thinking too, so far I have picked up: - Make sure the throttle cable isn't sticking - Start the motor on your back - Watch out for twigs etc - Don't panic - Try not to yank on any lines - Watch out for trees - Use a big landing/take off area - Don't fly near other people And various other things, just busy reading as much material as possible at the moment so I can go and fail to pick up a wing repeatedly with a load of
  7. Too late! In fairness I did learn a lot from watching them but it's not nice to see. I imagine a lot of it will be covered in the training and you can see the human error in most of them but wings folding and spinning looks unpleasant!
  8. I thought I had better join the forum and say hi as I am just starting to look into paramotors. I stumbled across a video a week ago that piqued my insterest and I am setting up a taster day at my local trainer (Airways in Ashbourne). All being well, by the end of January I'll have a go at moving a wing around and take it from there, until then I'm watching a lot of youtube footage (some of which does put me off I must say seeing some crashes!), and I'm going to have a read of some air law documents. If anyone has any good starter information beyond this please let me know James
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