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  1. Hey ,,are we using this site to pay membership still?
  2. Hey ,,are we using this site to pay membership still?
  3. Hi..is this "flyable"..I'm learning so would like this . As I wouldn't want to ruin a new one , thank you.
  4. Love to..doing driving test (again),
  5. Fantastic ,, lucky you. Really excited for you.
  6. Is anything happening Fri 17th? Did see forecast but...
  7. Need this weather like a hole in the head,,how am I supposed to be training..grrr
  8. Bit like Frank Spencer. But more stupid..
  9. Just the thought of all those people with the same passion in one place
  10. Mind you. At this rate I won't be qualified anyway
  11. Don't worry,,we all get that..it will happen. My first proper go recently. Where are you training?
  12. Need to borrow a wing,,or rent one,, desperate for practice,,
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