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  1. Thank you, Simon. Drove up to New Hampshire again this weekend. There are great people up at Morningside. Not so much great weather, though. Two days there and only about 2 hours of kiting. With winter coming quickly, I think I'll be starting over in the spring. So THAT's why they call it parawaiting.
  2. I started training at Morningside Flight Park in Charlestown, New Hampshire, USA two Sundays ago. I spent a week there working the instructor, Heath Woods, and camping on site. Heath's down to earth, knowledgeable, and careful. Since it's a hill that also trains hang gliders and paragliders, I got a few launches off the 150 foot hill, a few tows, and a fair amount of kiting. The weather was uncooperative - they don't have a particularly large field, so if the wind's not in the right direction, no flying. To look at me, you'd think I was pretty athletic and coordinated for man approaching 50. But I am feeling every one of my years. My knees hurt, my back hurts, and I pulled my right hamstring something nasty during a tow launch. The day before, I tripped on another tow launch and skidded a good 15 yards across the ground. All of this without even a motor on my back yet. But I'm heading back up for more this Sunday - weather permitting. And assuming the hamstring heals acceptably. Right now it's complaining that it didn't sign up for this flying thing.
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