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  1. Tough one , in these strange times Id probaly just go and get the training. One thing all this covid thing has made me think about what you really want in life, throw (ish) caution to the wind and give it a go perhaps
  2. Hi PPG Pilots, Been thinking of flights I would like to do in the future, one is flying over the channel and flying down through to GAP in France. Taking my time with no rush and fly when weather allows etc. Has anyone done the channel ? if so whats involved with regards to clearance etc. Also over water life jackets and shortest route. Seen a airfield called head-corn that could be a good start if permission was obtained. Just a general question to the wider audience! doing a search there has been a few questions asking the same but has anyone done it last summer perhaps.
  3. Hi Flyers, I have just completed the conversion course from paragliding and looking for places and pilots to fly with around the NW area, Im based around Halifax area but dont mind travelling, There is some beautiful countryside around me but need to find a suitable field first! cheers !
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