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  1. Hey all - I have a Nitro 200, electric start, titanium frame. It's the motor I learned on and the only one I've ever flown. I've always loved how light it is, and the electric start. But, there are some things that are annoying about it ... - I have to break down the motor after each flight and reassemble it again before the next. At least, until I have a trailer hitch, this is how it's going to be. And I find the Nitro rather fiddly to assemble. - The build quality of the nitro, sort of along with the comment above, is just kind of fiddly. Lots of small pieces, and makes me worried (perhaps unfounded) that components will wear out with all the assembling / disassembling. - While this could be an aspect of my skills at tuning the motor, I find the power band kind of strange. Like right at the point that I want to hold the RPM for level flight is the point at which the throttle seems hard to keep constant (~4500rpm). Holding at 3500 rpm is easy, 5500 is easy, but that band between 4000 and 4500 is just very touchy. I've heard really good things about the build quality on the Parajet but perhaps I'm being overly optimistic? Or blaming the equipment when I should be blaming myself lol?
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