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  1. I was a newbie last year and im still a newbie because of a lock down Appreciated if anyone know a close club to join or good place to fly. Still cant a place close to my area. (Walsall)
  2. Hi Richard Yes we did meet at Clive's, really appreciated the help you provided me on the day. Yes I would love to come have a flight with you, if you dont mind
  3. "council would jump on us if we tried" lol why council people so stern lol
  4. I guess no place in Walsall then Penkridge maybe the closest from Walsall.
  5. Yea your right. Its hard to find good place in Walsall. Arboretum park is very big - and its empty. I contacted the council, about using paramotor. They never heard about paramotor lol. After explaining, they said they would get back to me. but no reply ps- is it must to contact the people in charge for paramotoring in public park see attached - size of the park Arboretum Map V3.pdf
  6. If you free, we should meet, make our new club in Wolverhampton/Walsall and fly
  7. Thanks for that Did you use CM patamotor course with Clive Mason ? when completed (how many days?) were you confident at the end?
  8. Hi I have done my paramotor course in FlySpain and purchased my new wing and paramotor. But i was disappointed. I still dont feel confident for flying myself, but i still got certificate when finished. Only done 3 days. The rest was too windy. Is their any private 1 to 1 training. Looking for 1 or 2 days this month - and close to west midlands area? Thanks
  9. I am in west midlands aswell. (Walsall) We should meet and have good flying. Whats the best place?
  10. Thanks for the advice Rich I have messaged Clive, hopefully he will get back to me when he gets a chance
  11. Hi I have done flights at Ashbourne and Crewe.. I thought I might be able to find something closer to Walsall I have done 8 flights, I'm not confident enough to go out alone yet I will give Clive a call and see if he can offer some tuition, is his tuition group based or individual?
  12. Hi Hope you’re well I’ve just come across this website and there seems to be a great network here. I’ve done some training with Paramotors, but I’m not confident to take it out on my own. I did a paramotor course in Spain and also did a paragliding course at Airways. I was wondering if there’s any groups that get together in or near Walsall that can help and support to get better and confident with practise. Hope to hear back from you
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