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  1. No cooling cylinder head cover. It was cut off when upgraded to 2019 ICI model. Cylinder head temp between 130 and 175 degrees C under normal flight.
  2. Hi Andy ! Noticed you are flying a Nitro 200. Have recently placed an order last week for just the engine. Will mount it on a SkyMax frame. Have asked the reseller 2 times in the last 7 days for the distance between the engine mounts, but no reply yet. Would you be kind to share that info. I want to start to make plans for the adapterplate to mount it on the frame before the engine arrives to save some time.

    I cant find the enginemount pattern  online and it does not say in the manual.

    Appreciate if you could share that information.

    / Anders 


    1. AndyB


      Hi, I have a Nitro in the UK and a Tornado in Spain, where I am at the moment. I'm not sure if the mounts are the same. Have you tried asking Vince (UK seller)? 


    2. Anders Eliasson

      Anders Eliasson

      Hi, thanks for your reply. What a lucky guy, 2 paramotors. Ok, I will ask the UK seller. Have a nice christmas.

    3. Anders Eliasson

      Anders Eliasson

      Got this from a Facebook friend yesterday. I got want I want now. If anybody else is interested.


  3. I have the EOS 100 Booster on a miniplane frame. Tested it on a test bench and it was pushing 52 kg of thrust. Next engine after mine was the Vittorazi Atom 80. It pushed 50.5 kg. Both using a 125 cm E-prop. Not much difference. So if you need more power, go for the 150 model or the Nitro 200.
  4. as long as it does what it is intended for. I like DIY guys.
  5. Yes, I´m not a pro. Only do it a few times a year, and does not try to make it pretty, just good enough to get the job done. This tool took 10 minutes to make and I got the bell removed, so I´m happy.
  6. Made this tool to remove the clutch bell received_1676280965849577.mp4
  7. Thx for your tips. Yes, the stakes are högt. The hole was not in dead center, so drilling it bigger was not an option. Got it back from my local garage today. They did the job to get the broken bolt out. Used a tig weld, slowly filled the drillhole and when filled to the top, welded a small allen key at the end. He said the bolt was really tight to get out. He thought the key might broke of the force needed to loosen the bolt. But the bolt came loose first.
  8. Will give it a try, like DIY if it does not jeopardize safety.
  9. I´m a newbie and the 100 booster is my first engine, so nothing to compare with. But the vibrations I feel while flying is what I would guess is normal. But something is wrong otherwise the bolts would not break. Also the silencermount broke erlier this summer. Probably due to excessive vibrations that I can´t feel/sense. The prop is not unbalanced as I could tell. So much trouble with this engine. Just want to fly and enjoy it. More grounded than in the air
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