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  1. Thanks for the input! I'll check some reviews and prices! Greetings
  2. Hi, No, it's the standard wing they push on all the new students. Feels like they want to cash 2 times, when after a few flights you want something more agile. (And them they push the niviuk link). The thing is, in belgium every shop is a school aswell. You don't have any 'standalone' shops. So every school has it's own selection of brands. Locally almost everybody has a flyproducts ppg with a niviuk link and a sting in the bag. They talk down other brands. I'm not offended by the suggestion, I don't overestimate my own competence. Just don't have the cash to step in their 'system.
  3. Hi, I'm a Belgian beginner ppg pilot. Following lessons at an official school/shop. I baught a second hand ppg set, with a (for me) unusable Dudek Hadron and now I am in the process of buying a wing. I would like a safe wing that let's me gain experience but that I don't regret buying after a few flights. A wing that progresses with me. A wing that I keep in the bag as a forgiving wing for windy/bumpy/thermally days and has a good balans between speed/lift so I can use it as a stable XC wing. School wants to push a sting 140, but that is way to sluggish and slow for me. Been looking at the Niviuk link2, but read mixed reviews. Open for any suggestions! And thanks for the help!
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