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  1. Hello all, I'm currently getting started in paramotoring and i'm looking at helmet and headset options. Having been a paraglider pilot for several years, I've learnt the importance of 'buy right, buy once'. With that it mind, it seems that the PM-100 with Bluetooth is a good option. I like the fact that it offers support for many forms of communication without having to stick 'stuff' onto the outside of the helmet (which could get caught on lines / netting). My only question is, can the PM-100 with bluetooth connect to SENA devices directly, or would I also need a SENA device in
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    Good point, thanks Simon!
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  4. Hi Everyone. I'm an experienced paraglider pilot, based in Tonbridge. I'm thinking about completing the conversion to powered, but i'm concerned about finding a place to fly from. It seems that paramotoring is a social sport, so are there any clubs or groups of people in the area who I can fly with? Cheers Sam
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