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  1. It's been reported in the press that a microlight crashed on Birkdale golf course last night. At the time of the incident, I was directly overhead in a microlight I rent from nearby Ince Blundell. Although I didn't witness the incident directly, I can confirm the aircraft was in fact a paramotor. Details in the press state there was a fire and the pilot sadly did not survive, they have not yet been identified. Very sad event.
  2. View Advert Paramotor & Wing WANTED I'm looking for a paramotor wing and paramotor suitable for a new pilot. I'm converting from skydiving and microlight so need kit suitable for new training and low hours. I'm between 90 - 100kg depending on how many take aways I've had that month. I'm also on a real budget so looking for older, lower spec kit if possible! Located in North West England. Carl 07366591553 Advertiser carlanthony663 Date 09/04/19
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