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  1. Aaron


  2. JESUS! I'll count myself lucky to actually have an engine then...
  3. Hello Guys, About a year ago I purchased a Minari from the very nice Mr Nick Wall at Midland. However, I have not been able to contact him via the phone number he originally provide me and I would like to know if anybody on here has contact details for him. All the stuff which was on the website is no longer there, I suspect due to increased malicious use during lockdown. I do not actually need anything from him, it would just be nice to have details for when I do need parts. Cheers all. Aaron
  4. Hello, I have done exactly that already and I am now in possession of their final Hirth F36 parts list. It is all mechanical parts. It is the ignition coil that I am after. Does anybody still use the Hirth F36 for paramoto use? Am I wasting my time looking for parts for this engine? Is there something else which has taken over? Thanks P.S. I shall try freshbreeze UK, thanks for that.
  5. Hello All, I am looking for some help/advice. Where do you buy your parts and supplies from? I have a couple of Hirth F36 engines, which I am in the middle of commissioning. For those that don't know they are 200cc ~13 horse single cylinder 2 stroke engines, formally produced by Simonini as the Solo 210. They were (though I think, I don't know) quite popular in the paramoto scene a few years back. I can't find spare parts for them anywhere. I used to swear by skydrive. But they have (VERY) sadly just gone out of business. Not entirely sure why. So can any of you fi
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