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  1. Thanks all for your input! Beleive it or not, and as expected, it was going to be a simple stupid issue! It was the throttle. Though i cleaned the throttle from sand, it seems the spring is skipping a millimetre at these rpms. I tested it by putting a wire directly on the carb. throttle lever, and ramped it up and it was smooth. My throttle is the standard polini one that comes with the maverick. Am gona change it. Check the video where am not applying throttle, only upsing the wire to the carb lever... Prob solved! VID-20190112-WA0001.mp4
  2. Hi all, I jist did my 25h maintenance and all hell broke loose! I never had a problem with my power band, my cruise flying level used to be at 5800rpm to 6400rpm (depend on trims setting). However, now when I power up to 5600rpm, all is smooth, then as i add throttle to cruise at level there are no change in the rpm, and as i add throttle squeezing 2 to 3 mm then suddenly the power jumps and rpm instantly goes to 6700rpm where I am climbing! All this after working on the carb adjusting the hi/lo and my motor runs at slightly rich setting. Note: Today i cleaned the throttle cable and handle, and then changed the carb putting one from my friend's, the problem persist! Still power jumps at 5600rpm! Any ideas what else to do?? Could it be related to dust or exhaust?!
  3. Hi @WIlly Could you please explain a bit more of this solution? I am having the same prob with my moster 185+. Thanks! Joe
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