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  1. well done Rich great blog yet again one day you will land on your feet more than your ass or knees see ya in the air soon
  2. No don't stop i enjoy reading them scared for forwards lol next time your stuck in the mud you can stay there
  3. Morning I watched sir asslandalot I think what he is doing wrong is landing on both feet at the same time not putting one foot in front of the other he did try on his 2nd landed but still fell over so we sat and drank beer
  4. Well done Rich another cracking flight your video captured some epicness see you soon hopefully you will land on your feet soon
  5. Im really glad you got it up nice flight little bit cold with wet feet i got some pics of Sean and my wet foot
  6. What landing the crop no pictures or video it didn't happen lol great evening yet again nice to fly different places well done Phil all you needed was a little push hope you enjoy the photos
  7. Yeah it was late i think the only thing on the swiss cheese model we left out was the ACCIDENT lesson learnt
  8. Hi Yes very well description of the day i did get a bit worried at about 10PM when the wind did pick up and slowed us right down by at least 20 minutes i would say, i personally didn't think it was a good idea to land out in fields we didn't know as power lines could have court us out i think if it came to something like this again i would have arranged a lift home or just not waited around for Rich to get off the ground all a leaning curve. still a nice flight nice to see the CMPARAMOTOR crew
  9. Haha failed launches i think its called CARMA thats what you get when you take the p.... still worth the flight nice flying with you again see ya soon
  10. Excellent work Rich makes me smile every time i read your blog cant wait for the next ass landing episodes lol lets get some XC planned soon so other people can see you land on your ass
  11. Well done Rich for persevering with it we got there in the end see you when the grass gets cut Oh and fix your exhaust
  12. Well done Rich nice flight here is a couple of pictures welcome to the mile high club
  13. Very nice pictures Rich my max speed was 53.1mph WOW see you on the next one
  14. nice blog Rich yet again, nice days flying and sessions learned a few f... ups by all i think that day cant wait for the next time
  15. Well done Rich nice flying with you well leaving you lol GREAT JOB ON THE LANDINGS
  16. Well done Rich enjoyed reading all your ass landings keep up the good work
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