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  1. I'd guess that even IF they did ship something to me, it wouldn't be genuine... some cheap knockoff more likely... Just curious as to if anyone here had any positive info on the situation. Thanks!
  2. Hello! This is my first post here. I'm looking to get into the sport very soon, and was just looking around at various paramotors and trying to see what was in my budget. I do love the review of the Air Conception NiTRO 200. Oddly, when I did a google search to find prices on the Air Conception NiTRO 200, "paramotorengine.com" was one of the first hits. Everything about this site screams scam... The prices this website lists are VERY low. I did email the company, asking for details, and how they could offer the paramotor for so cheap... I did get a response back within a few hours fro
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