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  1. There aren't many that are public knowledge. There was Barry's and really that was it. Some pilots have there little private launch points but nothing official that I have found. I am looking into asking the people that run the nutmeg bootsale by Ripley about being able to use that land when not in use for flying. Pretty much guarantees no Sunday flights but I think it could work for other days. There are also a lot of empty farmers fields in the area that I have walked that could be used as well. Finding the owners may be difficult though.
  2. Welcome. What part of the states are you from? I am from massachussets originally but find myself in uk now.
  3. You will be pretty close to membury on the legs of your trip. Simon can be found there most days along with various people training/flying. Its probably worth checking out.
  4. I'm not at all familiar with that particular motor but I would start with the basic stuff. hard to start cold can be a sign of low compression so I would check that. it's good to do every once in a while anyway. pull the plug and gave a good look at that. check the gap and colour. finally check for fuel. new motors can have little burrs in the lines that break free and can clog or partially block jets.
  5. I've already started with Simon. I'm hoping to have completed my training by September if the weather permits. I can only do weekends which gives me some time to consider equipment. I would love to complete training on my own stuff or at the very least have it ready to go once I'm done.
  6. I'm just starting my training and have been looking at equipment to buy once I'm done and ready to go on my own. While buying all brand new gear isnt going to kill me money wise the logical (and cheaper) side of me says whatever i buy now, be it new or used, will probably be traded out once i get some hours under me and am trying new things so i should just get things that have already depreciated. Of course its easier to buy new and probably the safer option too. Being new i also have the disadvantage of not really knowing what im buying either way so i would have to rely on the seller or dealer. So whats the general consensus when buying your first rig? Always new stuff or go used then upgrade when you know what you really want?
  7. Thanks for the advise. I went to Membury today and have just completed signing up. I should be starting later in the month after the fly in.
  8. KIT352


    I would love to join you guys once i get my training started. Thank you for the open offer.
  9. Hi all! I have recently started looking into paramotoring as it is something i can hopefully carry over to some of the crazy places i holiday at and it is an interest i have thought about for years anyway. I am based in surrey and it seems like the couple training schools i have emailed are either booked up or end the training season pretty soon. Are there any schools or instructors that do weekend classes and that run into later in the season? I dont have any vacation time left to chase down companies in europe this year so i am trying to stay within the south of the UK. I can travel if i must as long as it isn't more than 3 or 4 hours away. Am i stuck until next year or should i keep calling/asking around?
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