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  1. Well, knowing myself and how I will be in 6 months to a year (would uh, could uh, should uh..), I opted to just buy a brand new Monster 185 w/dual start. Hard part is telling my wife what I ‘already’ bought.
  2. Hey all, Just starting off in the sport and looking at a used Thor 130 w/60 hours on it. Anything I should look for or be concerned with with this particular motor? Thank you for any/all feedback!
  3. I have a couple Sena 20s units on my motorcycle helmets, and wondered if the BH helmet can somehow be rigged to work with the Sena. Maybe I’ll call BlackHawk later today after they open.
  4. Hey all! New guy who is shopping for equipment. Already made the decision to enter into the paramotor sport. Just picked up a Polini Thor 130 from a local Floridian. Shopping for a wing next, but will wait until what an instructor recommends. Meantime, figure I’d research helmets. Noticed this one but not able to find much feedback on it. http://blackhawkparamotor.com/delux-blackhawk-paramotor-helmet/ Anyone have some working knowledge on this one? Thanks! Jon
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