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  1. Hey guys I know its been a while since I posted a new video. I finally had a chance to get in the air this past weekend. Here is the Vlog of the flight. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Special thanks to Woody for taking the time to work with me and make me a more confident pilot. After taking my first flight alone, I quickly realized how important it is to at least have someone with experience in your ear to guide you through your flights and to help you keep calm. Woody worked with me on 4 launches and landings and his instruction was spot on! I am far more confident after these flights than I was after my first flight alone. On the last flight, Woody joined me in the air and threw a few wing overs until hit belt broke and he had to emergency land in someones front yard where I later picked him up. Thanks again Woody for your instruction/mentorship. It truly helped me to dial in my technique as well as my confidence.
  3. Just uploaded my most recent paravlog. Woody recently setup a local meet where a bunch of local pilots got together at the soccer fields behind my house. Here is my vlog about my training progress and telling about my experience at the meet. Thanks Woody for getting everyone together and taking the time to give me some valuable instruction/pointers! Enjoy guys!
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