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  1. Can you tell me where the raket cylinder needs to be modified? What is the thrust gain?
  2. My Raket also have 44kg of thrust at 8300rps and 1,3m eprops propeller. 3,3lph. I want a bit more, around 55-60kg of measured thrust, light and economic engine. If not an Atom80, then what? EOS? Not reliable... Moster? Way heavier and thirsty. Thor 130 evo? 60kg thrust. Anybody know fuel consumption numbers? Sky110s? RickH: I don't think 300rpm would give more than a few kg of thrust.
  3. I'm looking for some real life thrust numbers of Atom80 engine. Are those numbers in manufacturer site close to reality? Thinking it would be nice to swap my current motor raket120 with atom80, but not sure about the benefits.
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