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  1. Hi Geoff Alan Guy, Thanks for your replies glad to see I may have company! I’m keen to get in touch, for any flying advice, camaraderie etc. Alan how have you messaged me I haven’t received anything I don’t think! My email is andyrp79@yahoo.co.uk If you could email I will send my number as I am not sure how to private message you on this forum? Although I’m sure there is a way ? Thanks Andy
  2. Hi Geoff, I have brought a new motor and getting some training with Simon W to get rid of the cobwebs. I have kept up with paragliding but want the get in to PPG due to lack of time getting to sites and poor weather. I am keen to meet up. Andy
  3. Hi I was wondering who was flying over kinver on Sunday 8/4/18 I live here and would like to meet up and fly if possible! I also saw someone flying from Worcester along the A449 towards Kidderminster on the same day. I am returning to Paramotoring having had a few years out with young children and would like to meet up with local pilots. Regards, Andy
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