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  1. Hi Andy, I have seen the PAP team about around Marbella a few times which has prompted me to start looking into some kit, but have been wanting to do this for years now and came across this forum, so thought I should put it out there and find out more. Im in Ronda, but go to Marbella daily, so would be great to find some people to fly with!
  2. Thanks Steve, I thought I could get a rough idea beforehand of what are good makes / models / Sizes to look for and what to avoid, as to find a nice bit of kit will take some time and ideally I like to hit the skies as soon as I have had a few classes!
  3. I am Looking into getting into flying paramotors in Malaga, Spain. FlySpain are not too far from me, and heard good reviews so more than likely will get a few lessons there, but I would like to buy the equipment first before I do. I have been told it is a good idea to buy a PAP as parts should be easy to get hold of here and that the Pap pa125 and Pap ros125 are really solid machines, but open to suggestions. I weigh 87kg and about 6ft2. Look forward to some suggestions, many thanks, Daniel.
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