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  1. Hi all, I’m looking for help, guidance with my flying. I’ve ground handled for 3 days and practiced with the motor and wing, just haven’t been up. Unfortunately I had a work accident and broke both ankles and injured my knee(knee ongoing).im reluctant to fly and risk a hard landing and injure myself any further and I’m self employed so can’t afford the long recovery time. My instructor doesn’t really want to know now as he “doesn’t train trikes” and I’ve paid for training in full and it’s non refundable (nice work if you can get it).ive got a parajet volution 2 compact and a paramania revo2 28m/2 and I’ve had I lightweight trike made to fit my motor.i need pointing in the right direction please. Sheffield based, thanks in advance
  2. Sorry to hear that, hopefully your well enough soon to fly,
  3. Does anybody on here fly a trike. I’ve been training on foot launch and was about to take my first flight when I had a work accident and broke both ankles and damaged a knee (still currently a problem). I’m self employed and can’t afford to be of work injured, nor do I want to damage myself any more than I already have. I’m not prepared to risk having a heavy Landing and risk serious injury again, but I’m desperate to fly. I’ve got a parajet volition 2 compact and a paramania revo 2 wing, 28m/2. I’ve had a trike made to fit my motor and would like an experienced eye cast over my set up before I fly. My instructor has more or less abandoned me as “he doesn’t train on trikes”. Any info or help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
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