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  1. I find it amazing that Not 1 person bothered to look up in any of the photos to see this horrible spectacle. Looks to me to be superimposed.
  2. I have been through one of these storms on a 300 mile trip to northern Minnesota. I can tell you I was extremely scared and did a lot of praying. it was at night and I had pulled over because I could not see past my windshield. While parked on the side of a country road I heard a voice say, "Don't stay here!" I turned to my passenger and said, "Did you hear that?" The response was, "Hear what?" A few minutes or seconds later I hear it again. "Don't stay here!" With that, I started the car and started to drive off. My passenger said, "What are you doing?" I said, "I'm not staying here!" I drove off watching the center line of the road only. For the next 200 miles before every turn, before every bridge, a bolt of lightning would illuminate the ground for me to see where the bends and bridges were and we made it safely to our destination. The next day the news crews were up in helicopters showing the devastation that storm caused. On the road I was on 59 it went into what looked like a huge lake and did not appear until 1 mile later. It had completely flooded that section of road. Were my prayers answered that night? Whos voice did I hear so clearly to warn me? I have never heard this voice before or since. I am a Christian and I know! As for you, I'll let you decide.
  3. Hi I am also new and also want to get as much info as possible re wings. What is the difference between the Ozone Roadster2, Spyder and the Dudek? I know the Spyder is lighter but what advantage is there in these 2 Manufactures? Is there an advantage to having a lighter weight wing?
  4. LOL, they grow them big where I come from, and I've got the scars on my head from not ducking to prove it. lol Thanks for your help Lee. I appreciate all the help and knowledge I can get.
  5. Thanks Lee. I guess I forgot to mention that I would be using this wing in conjunction with a motor. Even though I live by the Malvern Hills, there is a huge field to takeoff and land in by my house. 2 of the wings I was thinking about are Ozone and Airdesign. I fully intend to get training and listen to the experts but to my way of thinking to blindly take even the word of an instructor without doing research is foolhardy. I like the idea of trying different wings, but first I need to know what it is I am looking at. When you say "you will need a big one" what does that mean exactly? Cheers
  6. I would like to introduce myself to you all. I am an American living in England, I am 64years old, 113k and 6'3". I have been interested in flying all my life and have 10 hours in a Fix Wing Microlight (Thruster 600N). That was back in 2000. It became too expensive and I had to quit. Times have changed and would love to fly again. I have done much research on Wings and Motors but because there is so much to choose from I need additional help. I understand the need for training and intend to seek this out but in the meantime, I want to make sure I get the right equipment. As an Engineer I understand motors. Its the wing I need help with. I would like to do XC or just flying around. I am not into wingovers but also do not want a wing that is boring to fly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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