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  1. Neilzy, you rock buddy.  Man, I am so grateful for you fella's.  I on the downwind leg of my Paramotoring purchase process and I owe it all to you guys for your encouragement to an older dude who is a bit of a "load to tote" :)   Thanks Neil.  Man, you are awesome.

  2. Yes, Thanks so much for asking! We live in Oklahoma which right now we are charging 65°F today gorgeous day the only hiccup is there is considerable wind out here in the Plains so that will relegate much flying to morning and evening. Thanks for being so kind and so helpful you guys are awesome!
  3. Thanks to all of you guys. Man, you Lads are so helpful from across the pond.
  4. You Brit's just SO flippen ROCK. Man, what a bunch of kind folks across the pond. Thank you all so much for your quick and kind responce. We just went to a "Britfloyd" concert this week in Tulsa and the boys from across the way kicked serious butt and made the real "Pink Floyd" proud. Rock on all you great and totally awesome fellas. Man, we are grateful. Grateful grateful grateful. did I say I was grateful.
  5. Hey Juan, wow, buddy, what a blessing. I just joined this board and then saw your post. How awesome. Juan, I know you must be like I am. While 72 years young you are still one, Stoked dude! Man, it would be so awesome to shake you hand someday. I am seriously looking into getting into the sport. I too and am an older guy. I'm 64 and packing 240 pounds. I am losing weight though, Praise God, but Juan, If I have the time, Money, attitude and serious training/mentoring do you think I could do this at that level of weight and only being 5'7" tall. Also, I am interested in buying the Scou
  6. Hey fellas, I just found this awesome, people friendly website on Paramotoring. I am stoked by the sport but have a couple of questions that I would be so grateful if you could field. First, I'm an older guy with two many pounds on board. That being said is it conceivable for a guy with a twenty year old attitude to conquer this sport and do so weighing in at a cool 240 pounds. I'm a former skydiver from years gone by and have that kinda attitude plus I have plenty of cash, so to speak, to get into the sport. Guys, do you know anybody that is 64 and would be a newby that gets into the s
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