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  1. Atko

    Somebody flying down in Deal...was it you?

    We are a closed group of 30 individual flyers that self police ourselves these days. We are all BHPA rated and insured flying from various fields in Kent. We mostly fly paramotors, but there are some nanolights under 70kg. Can i ask if you noted the colour of the wing that day, as it would help identify the person should they be within our group. Thanks in advance.
  2. Well still not flown by myself, only ground handled. My friend (experienced pilot) flew it this week as i didn't have time. It was 15mph winds. He was comparing it with ITV Billy, same size 25m etc and said it had nice easy launch characteristics, and loads of lift. In flight there was no oscillation, trims easy to pull in and quick to let out so suggested feathering them. Can turn on all trims, using wing tip steer. He was fully trimmed out into winds and hitting 24-25mph, 5400rpm from moster 185. This indicated it's efficient for xc. He said very responsive in air, but stable. On landing it was very smooth and only a small amount of brake gave loads of flare. This is what i was hoping for as a go to wing with agility and xc traits. Fingers crossed i come to the same conclusion as him.
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  4. Mike where do you live in Kent?.
  5. Atko


  6. Yep i'll post when i manage to get a flight, bloody weather. Sold my Billy, so hope this is all they say it is.
  7. Well my ITV Piper 25m turned up last week. Only had chance to do a bit of ground handling. Seems light, easy launch, but brake lines seem long. Anyway, looking forward to first flight when weather improves and update.
  8. Atko

    Christmas sale

    Hi Danny, Good to know, i'll spread the word Steve
  9. There's a small you tube ad, just released and its worth a look. They reckon it will fly over 70 kph. Interesting times.
  10. Atko

    Sub 70 kg "nanolight"

    The Peabee's are lovely. Chap in our group has one. Only downsides for me is it seems to take him a while to put together from trailer, its only a bit faster than the paramotor trike set up and you can't take a passenger.
  11. Just read ITV have developed a new full reflex paramotor wing. Still all under wraps, but from what i've read and there's not much out there, they've trialled it vs the ITV Billy. The Piper is supposed to be much faster, yet has a slower take off and shark nose tech. Looks interesting.
  12. ITV Billy for sale in small. Bought in January 2018 its been flown about 4 times, so 3 hours on wing. In excellent condition, no stains or tears etc. New it's £2800, i'm looking for £1500 for sale. Its 22.5m, weight range 80-120kg in red. It's ITV's latest model and colour. I'm based in Ashford, Kent. Mobile no. 07771 537396
  13. Atko

    itv billy pilots?

    65 kmph depends on so many variables, weight, motor, weather conditions etc etc. It's definitely one of the faster wings out there, as stated fully trimmed out it's the fastest wing in my group, inc the speedster. i've had mine on or around the 65.
  14. Atko

    itv billy pilots?

    Good feedback. I think you need a more powerful motor as you said, i'm running the moster plus 185 and with the Billy (small) its a pocket rocket. Enjoy.