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  1. Amazing, good luck to you all, I'll be watching when I can at the updates.
  2. Great move, I've been watching Paul's channel for ages. Very positive image and entertaining.
  3. No Problem, I do know in the UK some companies have there own licensed company frequencies. This would be for there own "operational chat". I also know of pilots using 123.45 as a "chat" but this is a long time ago. To operate an Air band radio you still have to be licensed.
  4. Hi, if you use an airband radio you have to have an operators license to use one. Usually a training flying clubs will run courses as part of pilots PPL training. The handheld airband radios are really aimed at people needed to talk to airtraffic control, airfields etc and not a "chat" radio. I could be wrong and happy to be corrected but I don't think a lot of Paramotor pilots use an airband radio but do use other radios like PMR446 license free for group flying and training. I'm sure there are lots of posts on what radios people like.
  5. Looks lovely, have you had chance to weigh it?
  6. Did you collect your new machine yet?
  7. Hi all, Does anybody know how much the Falco will strip down for transporting about?
  8. Hi Tony, have sent you a PM about the Falco. I'm looking at a trike at the moment and the Falco seems to be in the running.
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