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  1. MarbleOne

    My training journey...

    Last entry in this training blog.. Thanks for reading/watching. I hope some have found some help, as I did reading these before my training started. Now I know how to fly, it's time to learn how to fly. Make sure you're subscribed to the YouTube channel if you want to see more...
  2. MarbleOne

    My training journey...

    Thanks for the comments (and pic ?). Just so you know, I've never started my motor on the ground and never will. Saw enough pics like that while I was learning to make that decision before I ever went near a paramotor. Weight-wise, I don't have much to compare it to, but is not noticably heavier than the Bailey V5 I did my first few flights on. I was pleasantly surprised, expecting the V2 frame to weigh much more than it does. I did lift a Miniplane Top 80 a few weeks ago, that was LIGHT. But to tell the truth, I can't complain.. I wanted a Bailey for XC and a solid frame for taking a learner's bumps.
  3. MarbleOne

    My training journey...

  4. MarbleOne

    My training journey...

    Thanks Trevor! ?
  5. MarbleOne

    My training journey...

  6. MarbleOne

    My training journey...

    You too man! I'm up now, had about 7 flights, one on my own.. ready for the summer!
  7. MarbleOne

    Total n00b paramotor blog

    Good work man! Look forward to flying with you soon!
  8. MarbleOne

    My training journey...

  9. MarbleOne

    My training journey...

    Hiya, thanks for watching! It's just a gopro clone on a magnetic mount from ebay. Fine unless nil-wind, then it's poss it pulls the leading edge down when performing an inexperienced forward!