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  1. I’m training with Foot Flight Paramotors (Alex Anderson), he runs a great school, good reputation and recommended I go with that gear.
  2. I’m still training and have 3 flights under my belt so far. I’m about to start buying my own gear now. I’ve decided to purchase a Parajet Maverick Sport (Moster 185), Dudek Universal 1.1(28m) and a Dudek Globe Light reserve (135). I’m 80kg before I start adding, clothes, boots, gear, fuel etc. I’ve allowed 40kg extra which takes me up to 120kg, that still leaves me 20kg before I reach the 140kg limit on a 28m. I think you would be fine with a 28m also, what colour are you going for? I’m going for Water
  3. Ozone video just released regards the Spider 3 https://vimeo.com/347085443
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