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  1. Well, thanks all for the warm welcome. Just about done with the course and already have a Revo2 wing and Volution 2 Paramotor. Now I just need to spend some time in the UK to actually use it. So, that leads me to a question - Obviously learning in Dubai is very different to flying in the UK. As I'll be Devon based there are many places nearby that I would quite like to fly at/over etc. Exmoor, coastlines etc. Can I just go fly, or do I need to get permission from somewhere, outside of restricted areas. Who would you call up to get permission to fly 1000ft over Exmoor, for example. Or if I take off from my house and fly the local area do I need to call someone? I'm not in/around any restrictions on the VFR charts.
  2. Hello I have just completed my 2nd lesson with Parahub Paramotors at Skydive Dubai so thought it was about time to join some forums... Getting to grips with ground handling; really want to get that nailed before getting my feet off the ground. Learning PPM in the desert of Dubai, but will mostly be flying in Devon/Cornwall. Any Sou'Westers here? Looking to get myself a trike in the UK as I have good access to fields. So will be keeping an eye in the classifieds...
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