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  1. Pete Cheyney

    Bailey Spares

    Just over 11 stone. My V4 runs great at the moment but am wondering whether I shall be able to source spares in the future. Any info gratefully received. Cheers pete
  2. Pete Cheyney

    Bailey Spares

    Thanks Kiwi, I’d assumed they had stopped trading as last time I tried to call I had no luck, I’ll give it another try. Cheers pete
  3. Pete Cheyney

    Bailey Spares

    Hi All, I have a Bailey V4 on my Dragonfly trike which (Touch Wood) is running sweetly. I was wondering how widespread their use was these days and where people were sourcing spares? I’d be very interested to hear from any other Bailey users whether V3/4 or 5. Regards Pete Cheyney
  4. Pete Cheyney

    polini thor 250

    Hi Kotsmix, I have a similar problem except mine is worse, what was the fix? Any help much appreciated. Cheers Pete Cheyney
  5. Pete Cheyney

    Polini Thor 250

    Hi All, I have just bought a used Polini 250 and on closer inspection I have found play in the prop shaft. ie Holding the tips the prop wobbles slightly. Searching through this notice board I found that someone posted a similar query and then frustratingly posted back that they had sorted it without revealing the fix! Can anyone please shed some light on this before I start ripping the engine down. Cheers Pete Cheyney