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  1. Bluebanshee

    Slots in cages...why?

    I'm guessing you have a low hang point with a closer to nuetral thrust angle? That would be a new underwear flight.
  2. Bluebanshee

    Slots in cages...why?

    What happened? Was the motor running?
  3. Bluebanshee


    My trainer was also training a guy Kurt pushed to a trike. Obvious that he pushes people to trikes if they "aren't getting it" and probably makes more profit too. He may not charge for training explicitly but you are paying for in the gear cost. Mind I ask what wing he sold? At least he seems to have been selling a wing made design within the last decade from his newer videos.
  4. Bluebanshee

    Night Flying

    Warm clear nights with plenty of moonlight seem easily flyable, especially how calm it can be. I think the moon could provide enough natural light but a good 2,000 lumen headlamp would be plenty for landing. Illegal in my country so I'd never do it. The noise would draw plenty of attention.
  5. Bluebanshee

    Where's the fun height?

    3-10' following the contour of a field. Only broke 1000' twice in my last 15 flights. I maintain a safe gliding distance over power lines, houses and trees.
  6. Bluebanshee

    Away for the Winter

    I'd only worry about it if it had ethanol gas or where it will see temperature fluctuations. It would draw in moisture if it was in a shed or somewhere not climate controlled with the temperature changes. Most people spray fogger into a running engine for storage such as a boat kept outside.
  7. Bluebanshee

    Polini Thor 130 feedback

    Weren't the later ones redesigned with a better flash starter? I believe there is a thread on here that has a replacement pull start for a small engine, sounds like it might be a good fix. I don't have enough time on mine to give a good opinion. I did however do lots of research and Came to the conclusion that it's a good engine with good support from a known company. Doesn't have a ton of power and isn't the lightest but I'd take that over something less reliable.
  8. Bluebanshee

    Blackhawk 125 Thoughts?

    You could get a Kangook with a Polini Thor Evo 130 and AD Ramaflex wing for quite a bit less than the BH.
  9. Bluebanshee

    Ppg setup for newbie

    You training east or west? I'm in PA.
  10. Bluebanshee

    First time PPG wing

    I have the AD Rama Flex in size small but still going through training. I got it as a package with my Kangook. Launches easily and smoothly every time when being towed. I'm not sure that it is certified or not, conflicting info on this if it matters to you.