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  1. Will do, thank you for the tip!
  2. Hi, Just for experimenting with a home build fourstroke, I'm looking for a Bailey reduction or a broken motor including the reduction. Must be willing to ship to Belgium. Thanks in advance! Tim
  3. 2stroke in combination with them silly walbro pumpercarbs is giving me zero reliability and terrible longevity. And how many pistons have been melted due to small problems with them. I'm going to mill an adapter plate and fit a pwk28 in an attempt to not have the constant feeling in flight that something is wrong. Your statements about 2 vs 4stroke are probably correct if you talk about highly stressed, high horsepower applications. A 4stroke that's not pushed to the limit will last 'for ever', as long the oil lubrication doesn't fail.
  4. For me it would be, reliability and longevity, fuel consumption, smooth power delivery.
  5. I'm looking forward to reviews and pricing (also parts. Almost bougth the V5 currently for sale here on the forum, but spare parts pricing and availability put me off at the last moment.) Greetings
  6. Hi, 'Paranoob' on youtube has a 242cc EOS preproduction model to test! https://youtu.be/3-BSojWMSAc Greetings, Tim
  7. Hi, Thanks for the info. I shot airplayaircraft an e-mail and hope for a positive answer! Thank you!
  8. Hi, The phonenumber is no longer active, so I guess that's it. It's already an expensive hobby, but not being able to buy spares really hurts me in my wallet... Thanks for the input, Tim
  9. Hi, Just a tad desperate, I'm hoping somebody here has some info. I'm flying a ciscomotors c-max 175. When I bought it used, about a year ago, I mailed them to ask if it's possible to order parts from them. They answered positive within a day. Now I want to do some maintenance and need parts but they don't answer anymore. Maybe they are out of business, but I can't find any info online. TIA, Tim
  10. Hi, I have floor heating at home. (If that is the correct term?) I just lay the wing down in the opened Dudek dewbag (I guess it's called that because of the mesh). Groetjes!
  11. Hi guys, After lot's of reading, viewing youtube clips and comparing I finally decided on a Dudek Nucleon XX 24 (I weigh 85kg). Tuesday I flew it for the first time (second flight ever) on a 40 minute flight. Instant love, easy to launch, super stabile. Maybe a bit fast on landing but easy to flare. The risers are a bit cluttered on the ground, once in the air it's not an issue. Thanks for all the input! Pics of the flight: https://www.instagram.com/p/B4fQkU5JFMW/?igshid=l0vltpxnxsam Met vriendelijke groeten, Tim
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