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  1. Hi, I'm based in Tutbury, Staffs and have been paramotoring for around 18 months now, taking off in the field next to our home and visiting friends locally but whilst I have met people on the hills in Derbyshire paragliding I haven't met anyone I can motor with. I'm really keen to meet other motor enthusiasts and to find other sites to motor from or to. I've seen the posts here so will try to get to the site near Carsington at some point but can someone let me know when you are flying? & if there is anyone else out there more local to me please get in touch. Thanks, Mike
  2. I did my training at Airways Airsports, Darley Moor near Ashbourne, Derbyshire and felt it was good and reasonable. I also did my paraglider training there and it was really good as fairly quick since they use a winch.
  3. Bongy

    GPS - which one?

    Thanks for that, I really appreciate it. I have been looking at Garmin but the different product codes and choice had phased me, I wanted to go for the latest version but couldn't work out which that was!!! Cheers.
  4. Bongy

    GPS - which one?

    I don't yet have a GPS, just a vario. As it is my 40th soon I am hoping my lovely wife will buy me one but I am not a techy and am really not sure which to go for... does anyone have any advice? Thanks in hope...
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